8 Short Wedding Dresses We Fell For During Bridal Fashion Week

Don’t get us wrong, we love traditional wedding gowns with their sweeping ground-grazing skirts. Yet, there’s something so irresistibly charming about a shorter dress. Case in point: When Keira Knightley tied the knot with her beau James Righton, she wore an airy tulle Chanel dress that she accented with a tweed jacket, delicate floral crown,…


Would You Carry a Handbag Made of Rotten Fruit?  

Don’t throw out that brown banana; it could be your next handbag. A Rotterdam-based collective of student designers is designing eco-friendly handbags out of leftover fruit waste. The students devised the project, Fruitleather Rotterdam, at the Willem de Kooning Academie of Art. At the crossroads of social consciousness, environmental awareness and fashion, Fruitleather Rotterdam presents a…