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The 7 Pieces Our Fashion Editors Bought for New York Fashion Week

We’ve long since graduated, but if you replace “school” with “New York Fashion Week,” then, why yes, we do partake in back-to-school shopping. Except instead of bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils or uncreased stationery, our “to buy” list includes beautifully sculptured, supremely minimalist gold circle earrings, an incredibly versatile asymmetrical skirt (that can be worn with a…


Here’s How Nicky Hilton Is Incorporating Sneakers Into Her Maternity Style

Nicky Hilton isn’t messing around with wardrobe staples that are too uncomfortable to rock. In fact, since news of her pregnancy broke in January, the star has delivered plenty of baby bump style inspiration with a legion of loose-fitting dresses and plenty of flat sandals. So what’s the latest go-to accessory the mom-to-be is proudly…


Zoë Saldana on Her Approach to Healthy Living: “Diets Must Not Exist in a Woman’s Vocabulary”

Two kids later, Zoë Saldana looks as fit as ever—but don’t think that there’s a secret, quick fix to losing the baby weight. “It’s not because I’m better than you or because I was chosen to be skinny. I work at it very hard!” Saldana says in People en Español‘s September issue. “I’ve made a…


Here’s Why Backless Loafers Are the Perfect Spring Shoes

If we had our way, the best shoes are both comfortable and stylish. Thankfully, one of this season’s biggest shoe trends—backless loafers (or, loafer slides or loafer mules)—happen to embody both. They first gained traction last season when Alessandro Michele had everyone lusting after the fur-trimmed loafer slides he sent out on the Gucci runway (and he did…