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Hilary Duff Makes Us Reconsider Gauchos

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Things are seriously heating up between Younger star Hilary Duff and her personal trainer beau, Jason Walsh.

The pair was recently spotted sharing a smile (and a smooch!) in West Hollywood.

Duff, 29, stepped out with Walsh in a black V-neck henley and a set of cargo-style gauchos. The former Disney Channel star teamed her off-duty uniform with a classic black belt, a subtle gold necklace, a set of matching bangles, and added a couple of inches to her frame with a pair of chunky suede booties.

The actress left her blonde locks in their typical shoulder-brushing style and chose to venture out sans shades.

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Strolling beside his stylish girlfriend, Walsh wore you’d expect of a high-profile personal trainer: a black sweatshirt and matching sweatpants, a set of L.A.-ready aviator shades, and a pair of orange Nike sneakers—planning to hit the gym later, Jason?

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If the couple’s flirtatious smiles and intimate body language didn’t already tip you off, they looked very happy together, a hypothesis further proven when Duff stepped in for a street-side kiss.

Aww! Is it too soon to name them the couple of the moment?

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