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The Best Weekender Bags for Every Style

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Much as we’d all love to be jetting off to Europe for 10 days at a time, the average American—yep, that includes T+L editors—doesn’t have the time (or vacation days, or, let’s be real, budget) for more than one or two major getaways a year. Weekends, on the other hand? Those we can do. But even the chronic overpackers among us (ahem, hi) can admit that nothing feels sillier than schlepping your roll-aboard along on a 48-hour trip.

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Enter the unsung workhorse of every traveler’s luggage collection: The weekender. The ideal pick is not too big (or it’ll weigh you down) and not too small (or you won’t be able to fit extra shoes), sturdy enough that you won’t need to baby it, and stylish enough that you’ll feel confident hauling it to beach bungalows, mountain cabins, city apartment rentals, and wherever else your weekend travels take you. 

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Ahead, we’ve collected the best bags for every budget—from $30 to $3,000—and taste. Read on, then start scoping out your next weekend digs. 

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